Business Transformation

Our clients would like to optimise their organizations, their products and services in order to improve their performances on the market.

ADNEOM is committed to qualitatively analysing products, services and the support provided to clients in order to optimise their operational efficiency.

Our teams deal with the strategic analysis of probable transformations, of digital transformation programmes (IT, digital), with implementing organisational change processes (BPR: Business Process Reengineering) and with implementing a strategic marketing performance.

Operational Excellence

ADNEOM always supports its clients by means of quick and innovative plans.

When determining the features needed to be improved for increasing operational efficiency, we take every activity into account, including our partners, providers and clients.

Digital innovations, SOA, Continuous Delivery and collaborative performance via social media, all constitute efficient means of offering our clients better operational efficiency.

Our consultants handle the organisation, the processes and the performance indicators for all IT and transversal departments.

Our services

  • Web and Mobile Development

    With our dedicated and experienced team comprising more than 50 programmers, we provide innovative product solutions in order to respond to your needs within the time allowed.

  • Management Consulting & Business Services

    Management Consulting & Business Services

    In the current globalized and regulated competitive markets, ADNEOM helps its clients to optimize their organizations, their production and to sell their services and products. We seek to improve their performance as well as relationships with both their customers and employees. 

  • Information Systems

    Information Systems

    Our expert consultants take part in each and every step of an IS project life cycle, starting from the initial phase, i.e. an analysis of business needs. They drive the project ownership up to both its completion and delivery. We also ensure the management of network infrastructures, systems and applications and we take responsibility for the security of our clients’ IS.

  • Business Intelligence, Big Data and R&D

    Business Intelligence, Big Data and R&D

    ADNEOM provides business expertise, both functional and technical, to go hand in hand with your decision problems. Cutting-edge tools are used to lead the entire process, from data extraction through to visualisation.