Collaborative Performance

Since 2004, ADNEOM’s business project has primarily been concerned with Evolution.

Therefore, we constantly invest in our employees. As a result, we jointly define career goals and skills that need to be developed. We also want to contribute to our clients’ evolution in order to successfully carry out their projects and achieve their ambitions.

Effective communication between both our clients and our talents is one of the key elements in developing a coherent and satisfying project. This principle is called the collaborative performance.


Positive Thinking Mindset

Each and every great idea is inspired by an open-minded attitude, which is characterised by the following pillars:

A seamless collaboration

We believe that collaboration needs to be the essence of every modern company. A collaborative approach, therefore, enables close cooperation aiming to reach a common goal. We provide services to organisations that promote team spirit and an autonomous atmosphere rather than a system of ‘command and control’.


An open-minded attitude is crucial in order to face challenges from various domains and to handle them efficiently.


There is a need to constantly embrace change and adapt to different circumstances. Creativity is also a key requirement.

A solution-oriented approach

Thanks to innovation, ADNEOM helps you improve your performances. we make sure that you along with our client are committed to a project  so the results meet the needs of everyone.

Talent Development

ADNEOM demonstrates a high level of skills and personalities. Our people are extremely creative, experienced and willing to improve.

Their capabilities are based on five key factors:

  • Motivation
  • Curiosity
  • Insight
  • Commitment
  • Perseverance


We recruit project leaders, programmers and managers, junior and senior consultants but also business and technological experts in specific domains. Our talents may be engineers, graduates from top universities, civil engineers or academics.



In line with the positive mindset, ADNEOM has created its own tracking tool which was developed by our internal project teams for both our consultants and clients.

The ADNEOM app is a concrete demonstration of collaborative performance. By means of continuous monitoring of needs and ambitions, this tool provides the following functionalities:


  • Customised support which defines and assesses short, medium and long-term goals
  • A task management tool for administrative tasks (scorecard, leave request)
  • Management of your personal and professional network
  • Access to the latest information (news and events)


The ADNEOM Lab is a research and development project incubator but also a technical, functional and personal support for our consultants.

In our technological lab, you will be trained and involved at the heart of R&D projects in the fields and technologies that correspond to your career plan.