Are you willing to strengthen and support both our talents and clients worldwide thanks to your know-how? Become a supporter of ADNEOM, a company providing consulting services and project support to more than 240 clients.


Business Managers

As an authentic “intrapreneur”, you are responsible for managing and developing the operating activity (P&I, Management, People Management, Negotiation, Recruitment, Training, Career supervision). You will therefore contribute to implementing the business plan and to creating the business unit.

Both your creativity and dynamism are the key drivers of your success, whereas your limits are those you decide to set. These principles systematically apply whether you work for major international groups, SMEs experts in their fields or high-value added start-ups with exponential growth.

Change the way companies behave with their clients, and help them to prepare their organisation for growth to ensure the success of both the enterprise and its projects.

HR Officers & Managers

You work as a champion of ADNEOM’s culture. As an ambassador of positive thinking, your ultimate goal will be to recruit talented collaborators in IT & engineering enabling you to ensure their fulfilment. We give you the opportunity to take great responsibilities within a devoted and dynamic team.


You will work at the heart of ADNEOM and as an active supporter of both the business and HR teams. You will work as the company’s administration and financial manager undertaking various tasks for which both rigor and precision are required.


You decide to take care of the social dynamic of ADNEOM and organise big events to establish effective communication. You will also hold responsibility for the diffusion of ADNEOM’s values by means of various media which respect the strategies designed. You will carry out projects, and you will also issue internal and external communications.

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