A decade within ADNEOM

September 12, 2019

By Dorothée Brocca

Dorothée Brocca, our friendly consultant, is celebrating this week her 10-year-work-anniversary within ADNEOM : What a milestone ! In order to celebrate that, she has written a small article : A summary of her adventure so far.

” Ten years! That’s a quarter of a full career !

What a long way I have come since I joined the company ! I have taken up so many challenges and I have shared so many memories. Relating this beautiful adventure would certainly be too ambitious. Nevertheless, I would like to tell my story and highlight key elements of this experience in our great company !

When I got hired by ADNEOM in September 2009, we were 5 consultants. I was 26, I was neither married nor parent. I just had left a growing company.

My legitimate fears of passing up a sure thing were soon dismissed. I was thrilled by the positive mindset as well as the cohesive and friendly team. Driven by these fundamental values, I did my utmost to play a role in the success of our company.

Ten years later, the company has expanded. Today, we are more than 1000 people, fully devoted to its development. Time has flown, but the main strengths of the company have remained unchanged and the new denomination “Positive Thinking Company” conveys this will to perpetuate these values and positive mindset. It also reflects the managers’ ability to listen and their collaborative mindset, the coworkers’ kindness, and more generally honesty and respect.

Thanks to the support and trust I received during these years, I became the mother of 2 children, aged 6 and 4. My managers’ ability to listen and answer my needs and wishes according to the market opportunities allowed me to balance my professional and personal lives as I obtained a parental leave and a three-month break, so that I could fulfil my dream of traveling to Asia with my family.

Today, I am proud to represent this ambitious company with a human face. In this collaborative environment, I get more and more involved and motivated every day. I am ready to spend the upcoming decade and take up new challenges with you !”

Dorothée Brocca, Consultant at ADNEOM

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