Digital Factory

Expertise :

Today, companies try to adapt to an ever-changing digital market landscape and become more customer centric. In order to build a sustainable IT strategy, ADNEOM provides specific tools within the following solutions : archictecture, devops, transfo org, API and Infra/Cloud.


Enterprise Architecture governs the vision and principles that are driving changes. Along TOGAF and Governance, ADNEOM supports you with democratized ideation, design thinking, rapid experimentation and building proof of concept (POC). Architecture is an user story and is part of your backlog.


DevOps is more than a toolbox. We focus on removing ambiguities between people and setting up the right KPI. With DevOps, we are thinking business driven development, agile ceremonies, immutable infrastructure.


You want your development team to become agile? ADNEOM emphasizes trust, responsabities and leadership over management. Our agile coaches help your business become customer centric and equip you with strong product owners to accelerate your organization growth.


Microservices is about eventual consistency, CQRS, event-sourcing, and scalable containers. We master well decoupled architecture center around data management where APIs hold the key to value creation.


At ADNEOM, we help you migrate and build cloud solutions centered around GDPR. Security, High Availability, Total Cost of Ownership and full automation are the 4 pillars of our approach.



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